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Nine Perfect Strangers

August 2021

In the midst of Australia’s worst pandemic outbreak and longest lockdown streak, Amazon Prime Video launched its New York Times best selling book adaptation series by Liane Moriarty, Nine Perfect Strangers. Filmed in Byron Bay, the series takes place at a wellness resort that promises to guide participants on their journey of healing and transformation. Instead, the storyline takes an unexpected twist, spiralling city dwellers into an experiential trip with unexpected twists and turns. 
Touching on the theme of mental health and wellbeing, we sent 11 social media talent (or perfect strangers as we like to call them) a wholesome wellness box filled with a yoga mat, a cozy robe, a NutriBullet and smoothie ingredients, whole foods and healthy treats as well as small accessories to make their home a little bit more holistic. 
Our talent then shared their wellness day brought to them by Amazon Prime Video across social media, highlighting the importance of focusing on personal wellbeing, sharing the underlying theme of the show and driving traffic to the streaming platform.  


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