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Last One Laughing Live Premiere

June 2020

With Quarantine affecting public gatherings and social distancing limiting activations and events, Two Palms was tasked to find a creative way to launch the premiere of Amazon Prime Video’s newest Show “Last One Laughing”. Instead of an in-person premiere, Two Palms compiled a live Facebook watch-party. LOL host Rebel Wilson and 5 of Australia’s funniest comedians that all participated in the show, watched the first 10-minute-teaser live on Facebook, with thousands of fans watching with them. To include the public into the engaging experience, the watch party was rounded off with a live Q&A, in which Rebel interviewed each comedian with the most asked and intriguing question.

With 2.3K Facebook initially interested in the event, over 10’000 people ended up watching the live. The highly engaged audience and the entertaining live panel made for a series premiere to remember.


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Click the Image below to watch the recorded live:

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