July 23rd, 2020

Bye Bye Bauer Media, Hello Social Media

Social Media is upping its game, while traditional Media is shutting its doors. Get an update on what's been happening at Snapchat, Bauer Media and Facebook!

Facebook Shares Brand Messaging Insights

Last weekend, Facebook published a video outlining Cross-Platform Creative Considerations in regard to text, timing and layout. 

After thoroughly analysing and assessing successful – and unsuccessful- digital campaigns, Facebook now shared this knowledge with its advertisers. The social media network announced key tips on how to advertise more effectively and efficiently, capturing the attention of users and increasing brand awareness. The report exemplified that seemingly unimportant components  such as paraphrasing a title or the aspect ration of a video had a large impact on the overall success of the campaign in regard to engagement and interaction. In the report, Facebook gives guidance and action points on how to improve and enhance videos and campaigns, shedding light on innovative branding and effective messaging practices. 

by Social Media News

In summary, here are the 3 key takeaways: 

  1. Design assets, such as captions, enhance videos and increase views. Additionally, playing with aesthetically pleasing text positioning captures the viewers attention by creating an engaging focal point. 
  2. Brand association within the first 3 seconds increases conversion rate, therefore it is important to use brand elements early on in the campaign.
  3. Mixed media improves performance, so telling a story though both moving images and static content is actually beneficial for a campaign. 

For more information about how to optimise your campaigns, have a look at Facebooks Creative Effectiveness Research.

Bauer Media Closing Cult Titles

Although not directly Social Media news, but definitely Media news, Bauer Media announcing the closing of 8 prominent titles is at the top of our list for this weeks edition. In light of COVID-19, Bauer Media announced on Tuesday that they would be closing Harpers Bazaar, Elle, InStyle, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, NW and OK. When the titles first closed due to lockdown measures put into place, the plan was to  return to print in Q3. But travel restrictions led to a 40% advertising revenue plummet in Q2 especially in travel, lifestyle and fashion, causing a hit of 57% loss. The second lockdown in Victoria and a further travel decrease eventually pushed the media titles over the edge. 

With New Zealand restarting its economy sooner and faster than Australia, titles such as Woman’s Day and New Zealand Women’s Weekly have a promising future due to local travel returning and advertising slowly recovering. Amongst the 40 titles that will return once business is back to normal are Your Home & Garden, The Australian Woman’s Weekly, Kia Ora and The Listener.  

Snapchat Mini Series

During the 2020 Partner Summit in June, Snapchat announced an up and coming series of Snapchat Minis – a micro series of bite-sized, in-app adventures. The aim of this Snapchat evolution is for developers to innovate the way Snapchat reaches and interacts with customers by offering a variety of experiences  without having to download a new app and instead accessing them directly through Snapchat. 

The first Snapchat Mini venture is in partnership with Headspace, a mindful meditation tool that offers friends guided meditation sessions from within a chat screen. Amongst the 6 meditations that users can part take in, are “Pressure To Succeed”, “Kick The Panic” and “Be Nice To You”. Friends will be able to sit through these sessions together, connected through the chat window. This way, people share interactive digital experiences that are usually done alone.


Through the first mini feature, Snapchat underlines the brand’s capabilities to be on the pulse with the Zeitgeist. Speaking to a generation (Gen Z) that wants to share and experience everything together, Snapchat also addresses pressing mental health issues largely affecting society at the moment. While offering immediate stress relief and anxiety assistance, it also normalises the topic of mental health awareness, especially amongst a younger target audience (with the main target audience being 13 to 24 years old). 

At the same time, Snapchat mini is a very thought through advancement for the app that seemed to be falling behind its competition (TikTok mainly), offering brand collaborations that widen audience and revamp brand relevance for both parties. 

On the horizon for Snapchat Mini are: 

  • Let’s Do it created by Snap to help friends make decision together. 
  • The Prediction Master in partnership with Mammoth Media, that lets users answer timely questions related to the stock market, sneaker drop or pop culture references.
  • Flashcards in collaboration with Tembo to enable users to study for exams together.

Last but not least, if you are a developer keen to be part of this bite-sized experience adventure, Snapchat is encouraging creators to develop features for all Snapchatters, you just have to apply here!