June 25th, 2020

Spotify Ads And Instagram Shops

In-App features are gaining momentum as we speak. Spotify is testing ad redirection through visual gadgets, IG is opening up shops to creators and LinkedIn is jumping on the Stories bandwagon.

LinkedIn Stories

After having launched LinkedIn Stories in Brazil, the UAE and The Netherlands, the feature has now been rolled out in Australia! The feature enables the publication of temporary status updates in vertical composition. LinkedIn stories essentially functions just like Facebook and Instagram Stories, with a bar at the top of the main-feed screen showcasing new uploads. There are also stickers, filters and creative embellishments available to decorate the status posts. 

What makes them different from Facebook and Instagram is that users have the possibility to opt out on story viewing, meaning they can choose whether they want people to see that they have viewed a story. This means, LinkedIn is providing the option to anonymously view stories. This is very much in line with LinkedIn’s existing privacy standards of profile views. 

Currently, the LinkedIn Stories still have a somewhat controversial standpoint, as users are not convinced that Stories are in line with the platform’s purpose. This is why LinkedIn is rolling out the feature slowly and progressively, expanding to a new country every few weeks. The success and favourability of the feature will therefore only be determinable in the long run. 

Spotify Testing In-App Offers for Podcasts

After Spotify introduced their “Streaming Ad Insertion” technology at the beginning of the year, the in-app advertising feature is now being enhanced. Testing on “Herrengedeck” with HelloFresh in Germany and “Last Podcast on the Left” with Harry’s in the US, Spotify is running podcast ads targeting both audio and visual senses. Previously, podcasts published verbal pre/mid-way through ads, promoting a brand, service or product. The consumers then had to venture out on their own to research into or buy the advertised brand, service or product. With this new update, users have the option to redeem offers through in-app customer journey facilitation, with Spotify automatically redirecting listeners to the advertisers landing page when clicking on the visual ad. 

This upgrade comes in light of new numbers that Spotify shared recently, stating that 100 Million Users above the age of 12 are listening to podcasts monthly, with evident triple-digit growth annually. 

Instagram eCommerce Expansion

Starting July 9th, Instagram is updating its eligibility standards for its rolled out shopping features to included more businesses and creators. 

With the new guidelines in place, businesses are required to tag products from their website to Instagram to maintain brand consistency and offer the consumer a consistent shopping experience. Instagram offered its assistance by providing businesses and creators with guidelines specific to their products or services, to make sure that the feature accurately feeds into their brand core and objectives. Once approved or denied, businesses will be notified or given clear instructions of adaptions to be made to meet the eligibility requirements. 

In a blogpost issued on June 24th, Instagram encouraged businesses, brands and creators from varying backgrounds and services to make use of the new selling stream. “Whether you are a candle business making a foray into e-commerce, a musician selling merch or a food blogger expanding into your own cookware line, any eligible business or creator account with at least one eligible product can use shopping tags to drive people to their website to make a purchase.”

These requirements are divided into 5 categories: 

  1. Compliance with policies, making sure that the brand and website comply the platforms terms of conditions and services (either Facebook or Instagram, depending on where the account is active).  
  2. Representation of the business and domain, meaning there has to be a product listing available for purchase on the businesses website. 
  3. Supported markets, meaning IG and FB check out must be available in the respected country. For Australia specifically, IG checkout IS available, however, Facebook checkout IS NOT. 
  4. Trustworthiness is assessed on the grounds of authenticity and established presence in regard to follower base. 
  5. Accuracy and following best practices in terms of refund and return policies, accurate or misleading pricing and availability and the clear display of Facebook or Instagram business accessibility. 

So if you have a product to sell and are looking to increase omni-channel sales and revenue, make sure to sign up!