May 26th, 2021

What Happened To The Instagram Carousel?

This week, Instagram has thrown us a curveball and mixed up the carousel option + decided to (finally) give us the hidden statistics we’ve been craving, and TikTok is shaking things up with a new format.

What’s happened to your IG Carousel option? 

Instagram’s latest update has caused a wave of confusion amongst grammers as carousel posting seems to have disappeared. While it used to be simple to select a number of images to post in one go, this option seems to have been deleted in the last round of updates. However, we can reassure you: you can still post a carousel, it’s just a little bit more complicated than it used to be. 
Here’s how to do it: 

  1. When creating a carousel post, you need to press and hold on a selected photo. 
  2. After 2-3 seconds, a small number one will appear over the image.
  3. After this, you will be able to select more images to add to the slideshow. 

So no need to worry, it’s a very easy fix, that will only take you 2 seconds longer than before. 

Find out how your IG Content is really doing 

And while we’re on the topic of Instagram: Last month, IG furthered its efforts to monetise Reels, IGTV and Live broadcasts for creators. Now the social media platform is providing more transparency on these outputs, showing insights on reach, engagements and views. 

For Reels, the information provided will give background statistics on total plays, users reached, likes, comments, shares and saves. For IG Live broadcasts, the information shared will highlight users reached, peak concurrent viewers, comments and shares. 

All of these insights will be added into the account overview of creator profiles to provide a better understanding of content performance, audience demographics and account performance. This is an absolute game changer for creators, as it enables them to streamline their strategy, find out exactly what content their audience is yearning for and how to get better engagement. 

This information will be accessible for content reaching back as far as 30 days, with time filter options available. Head to the insights tab in your account to find out more. 

Source: Instagram

Tik Tok Radio 

To further deep dive into music integrations, Tik Tok is partnering with Sirius XM and Pandora in a new format called ‘TikTok Radio’: a digital radio that shows trending tracks based on their platform engagement. While the current radio is still only available in the US, it features trending songs with TikTok content, ensuring creator videos are engaged with further. 

If you’ve been reading our blog, you know that this is not the first step into the direction of music that TikTok has undergone. Last year, TikTok paved the way for record labels to jump onto the app, after Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ rose to the Billboard charts – while simultaneously rising to the top of TikTok charts. The platform’s viral trends are integrated and fully in line with musical trends, making it a strategically viable platform for musicians, artists and record labels to hop onto. 

TikTok Radio is another step in that direction, which could enable further integration of music into viral trends, giving insights and growth opportunities for brands, musicians and users.