April 23rd, 2021

Virtual Dating On Hinge And Apple’s Podcast Update

Hinge is now introducing Virtual Dating with the launch of Video Prompts, Apple launches new Podcast Subscriptions service and Reddit zeroes in on search experience.


If COVID taught us anything it’s that being single during a pandemic can get a little lonely. The way in which we date has drastically changed post 2020. Now, our traditional forms on dating have been dumped to make way for a younger, smarter and slightly more attractive online dating world with apps such as Hinge. 

Hinge is the dating app that’s designed to be deleted. Ever adapting to meet the high standards of its users, this week they launched Video Prompts, a new feature meant to break the ice, keep conversation going and introduce the “virtual vibe check” in video dating.

Source: Hinge

To activate this feature, Hinge users will see a card-like icon on each video call in the corner of their screens. One person will kick the call off by selecting one of the eight different prompt themes. All prompts bear descriptive names such as “The Warm-Up” – which unfurls the basics, “Dim the Lights” – for a more romantic conversation, or “Dive in Deep” to “skip to the important stuff” in establishing a relationship. There’s even a category dubbed “Behind The Scenes” – a prompt that seemingly encourages a “mini scavenger hunt at home.”


Just when you thought we couldn’t handle any more people joining the podcast bandwagon, this week Apple unveiled its Apple Podcast Subscriptions. The subscription service will offer a wide range of updates to its podcasting services, for both consumers and creators.

The move looks to strengthen Apple’s position in the podcasting industry, providing its users with early access to premium, ad-free content, with direct subscriptions to consumers’ favourite podcasters.  In order to achieve this listeners will now experience a new redesigned Apple Podcasts app interface, with enhanced features for searching and discovering new podcasts.

Source: Apple Podcasts

In addition to this, Apple’s new Podcasters Program launching in May aims to support the creators, providing access to all the tools needed to build and distribute premium subscriptions on Apple Podcasts. For the reasonable price of $27.99 inc. Creators can now enrol in the Apple Podcasters Program through Apple Podcasts Connect


Now to the unique digital realm of Reddit, the birthplace of online forums, discussion and ruthless debate. This week, Reddit announced it’s in search of input on how it should improve its search experience and design, calling on their users to help collaborate. Here’s a brief overview on the areas they’re looking to improve:

  • Redesigning the search results 
  • Redesigning user interface from top to bottom.
  • Improving searching within a community on desktop.
  • Enabling users to search comments.
Source: AdWeek

If you’d like to make a suggestion feel free to fill out their survey.
Reddit is also testing out a new feature for first-time moderators to help them set up and grow their communities. The move aims to improve its users notifications experience by testing a change to their push notifications. Now far fewer notifications will be sent out based on how many a user received in the past 24 hours or how long it’s been since their last notification.