January 6th, 2021

Content Performance And Future Features

Starting the new year with a rearview look on content performance, and a preview of the potential future social features hold.

IG Tips on making Reels more engaging 

Instagram is still massively promoting its TikTok lookalike, Reels – the reason why Reels continue to appear and are popping up all over your feed and discovery page. The downside of this is that this means static posts and IGTV content is falling short in reaching the consumer due to Instagram’s algorithm. To pull creators onto the Reels bandwagon, Instagram has generated a few tips encouraging engagement, authenticity and originality.

  1. Inspire creation – give off the sense of inclusion, that everyone can join. 
  2. Authenticity – share authentic and original content created with the Reels camera 
  3. Music library – use the audio tools provided on Reels. 
  4. Relevancy – tap into cultural moments and topics. 
  5. The X Factor – add a WOW or LOL asset or a surprise twist.

However, if you want to get truly inspired, have a look around Instagram to see what kind of content is out there, what content is performing well amongst and what type of content might be relevant for your consumer. The bottom line? Definitely have a go at Reels to see how your audience reacts, and to maximise your reach. 

LinkedIn, the past and the present 

LinkedIn, the employment oriented social media platform, has experienced a large growth in usage during 2020. Video content in particular established itself as platform leader, driving conversations amongst users and promoting brand visibility. With 3 new members signing up to LinkedIn every second, the member count currently sits at 706M+, placing the platform in the top 10 fastest growing brands globally. With 55M+ companies that have established their profile, there is a lot of opportunity to match these users with a job. 

To make sure you (and your company) will maximise impact in 2021, LinkedIn shared new usage stats to start the year off. 

  • Since March when the pandemic hit, streaming increased by 89%. 
  • Rather than attending in person meetings and events, 6.3M people attended virtual events hosted on LinkedIn. 
  • Every month, there are over 1B interactions happening on LinkedIn Pages 
  • The hustle is real: there is a 23% increase in messages sent YoY, proving that LinkedIn truely is the professional touchpoint to focus on. 
  • LinkedIn has been rated the “#1 most trusted social media platform” by Business Insider, stating that 92% of users perceive a brand as “More professional” if they saw an add on LinkedIn. 
  • And if that wasn’t convincing enough, 80% of brands actually put paid behind their content to ensure the audience gets the chance to interact with it. 

Our key takeaway? If you’re not active on LinkedIn yet, definitely get onto it. Not just if you’re an individual seeking jobs, but especially if you’re a brand that’s trying to increase your credibility and brand recognition. 

WhatsApp Messages Disappear 

Just recently, WhatsApp introduced disappearing messages, a feature has to be enabled by users. The disappearing messages will automatically be deleted from the chat after 7 days. Although the setting won’t be applicable for previously sent messages, it will affect all future sent texts. In a group chat, the only person to enable disappearing messages is the group chat admin. 
Want to give it a go? Here’s how to turn it on: 

  1. Click the contacts name for whom you want to enable the feature. 
  2. When you scroll down in the contact info options, there is a new tab called “Disappearing Messages”
  3. You can then select on or off.
  4. The contact who will now receive disappearing messages will have a small clock next to their name in your chat window.