September 23rd, 2020

iOS14 And Personalised Feeds

From creative home screen personalisation on iOS14, to TikTok actively working against the spreading of graphic content, this week on social media was eventful.

TikTok Working against graphic content

After the global TikTok scandal centred on the graphic suicide video that appeared on user feeds last week, the platform took immediate steps to censor, restrict and ban this type of content. Interim head Vanessa Pappas reached out to nine social media platforms, proposing an agreement for content regulations and a meeting of the platform’s trust and safety teams to come together for the common goal of graphic content restrictions. 

Striving to be the most transparent and accountable platform the in the social media industry, TikTok tries to constantly improve its communication with its users. Releasing the Global Transparency Report for 2020 so far, TikTok introduced new community guidelines, incorporating misinformation, fact-checking and PSA hashtags (e.g. COVID-19, Black LivesMatter, US elections).  

The platform stated: “TikTok has experienced incredible and continued user growth in 2020. As more of our lives moved online, people increasingly found meaningful ways to connect with each other on our platform. With significantly more content being created by our global community than ever before, our content removals have increased compared to our last report.” 

In 2019, TikTok removed a total of 49 million videos that violated its policies. In 2020, this number rose to 104.5 million. Although this is less than 1% of all videos uploaded, it is still a very large number. Of these, 41K violated mis- and disinformation, whereas 321K videos violated hate speech policies.  TikTok managed to remove 90% of these videos before them receiving any views. 

Facebook is removing the 20% text content restriction

On September 22nd, Facebook announced that it’s removing ad restrictions that limit text on imagery to 20%. Matt Navarra, social media expert at Facebook, informed users that Facebook “will no longer penalise ads with higher amounts of image text in auctions and delivery.”

The messaging will roll out across all of Facebook’s communication sources immediately: the 20% text overlay tool that enabled advertisers to crosscheck their ads is no longer available and the Facebook Help page clearly states that the 20% text rule is no longer in effect. Although the 20% indication is no longer a rule, Facebook does still advise advertisers to adhere to keeping text to a minimum, as performance has proven to be more effective with less text to an image. That means, that although your ads will now still be shared with users and campaigns reach the same amount of people no matter how much text they entail, less is still more. 

iOS 14 Update 

Another major iOS update hit our iPhones last weekend. iOS 14 re-images the home-screen to be more stylised and personalised. New widgets that can be integrated enable more information sharing at just one glance on the home screen. With different sizes and re-arrangement possibilities, every user becomes the designer of their own home screen. Additionally, the option of smart stacking gives an automatic rotation possibility to the widget for constant updates on everything weather, news, calendar and time. 

The new App library has also received a makeover: iOS automatically organises all apps in a simple and easily navigable design aesthetic, categorising them into small groups. Calls have also undergone a major update. Instead of taking up the entire screen when a call comes in, the new compact design only appears at the top of the screen to not limit the users screen access. Sane goes for FaceTime calls, that now can be minimised to enable picture in picture access. 

And for all of our creative followers, text messaging has changed too. When typing someones name, the name automatically gets highlighted in the message. This way, users can respond to specific messages rather than the full conversation, very similar to WhatsApp “reply” function. Memojis and stickers have 20 more hairstyles to choose from, and users can reflect their personalities, hobbies and profession in their Memojis. 

As you can imagine, our office has been busy playing around with home screens, updating Memojis and exploring more features that the iPhone just unraveled. To learn all the tips and tricks and try it out for yourself, click here