August 27th, 2020

Adobe Spark And The New Vimeo Create Feature

With new Adobe Spark and Vimeo Create features, Pinterest is opening up its platform to content creator newbies. Have a look to get creating!


Following Pinterest’s announcement to implement a set of creative partnership ventures to come in 2020, Pinterest this week published a step by step creative visual guide on how to make effective use of Adobe Spark. 

In its “Give your Pins some Spark?” playbook, Pinterest offers professional templates, branding tools in terms of logo, colour and font variations, a large library of stock photography (the variety Adobe stock photography has to offer is a lot more contemporary than googles stock photos…), and creative personalisation tools. The finished Adobe Spark Posts can then either be downloaded or pinned directly to Pinterest. 

Pinterest has also launched a partnership with Vimeo. After video views on Pinterest toppled from 2019 to 2020, Pinterest launched a ‘how to’ on streamlining videos, in collaboration with Vimeo at the beginning of this month by making use of Vimeo Create, Vimeo’s template and presentation video tool that launched in February 2020. 

‘Vimeo create’ offers users that are new to video editing, an easy-to-use and creative way to make effective video content and social media ads for a number of different channels, through modern transitions, creative graphics, text overlays and royalty free audio. These videos can then be posted directly to Pinterest without having to download or send out. 

With more than 400 million global users, Pinterest has seen a large surge in usage, especially due to COVID-19 freeing up people’s days and giving users a platform to dream and discover on. Pinterest recently announced that 25% of the time users spend ‘pinning’ can be attributed to shopping rather than social networking. This makes Pinterest a viable and interesting platform for brands and businesses to venture into, and explore their creative side on. Our verdict: get pinning! 


After Facebook’s announcement of brining shops to the platform in May, this week marks the official week in which it has revealed its new E-commerce feature. 

Having launched a redesigned version of Instagram Shops mid July, the company is now also expanding the experience to separate app: a shopping destination where users can find products from a number of small businesses. Different from Marketplace, a consumer to consumer business model, Facebook Shops is a business to consumer model only. 

Businesses have the the ability to create an e-commerce shop, stylise the shop layout and see real-time previews of their assortment. In terms of cross-integration, consumers can communicate with sellers through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram direct message.

The new dedicated shopping tab has an extensive option menu showcasing a range of businesses to discover and buy from. Facebook states: ““Facebook Shop makes it easy for people to find products from businesses they love, discover new ones and make purchases, all in one place.”

If you’d like to be part of it and set your business up on Facebook, follow this step by step guide.

TikTok Shares User Counts

Although TikTok recorded over 2 million global downloads in Q2 only this year, the actual usage differs largely. Since July, TikTok has accumulated 689 Million global users that are monthly active, In January 2018, that number was only at 54 Million. In comparison to the other leading social media apps, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, these numbers are very advantageous! When positioned against its competitor apps, TikTok has surpassed Snapchat but still has quite a jump ahead to catch up with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

To maintain its global growth, the platform has officially launched legal action against the US Government in regard to its try’s to block TikTok in America. While first only Microsoft was in the race to buy TikTok, multinational computer technology giant Oracle is now also in the running. 

But amidst the legal battles TikTok is facing globally, they platform has partnered with NTWRK and Joshua Vides, a visual artist and designer, on a limited collection of TikTok merch. Available for 24 hours only starting 3AM AEST on the TikTok app, the “Not Going Anywhere” sweaters will be available for sale to support and memorialise the community of creators, artists and loyal users. So if you would like to support your daily TikTok addiction, you have 24 hours starting early tomorrow morning!