September 29th, 2020

Instagram Reels

The Two Palms Guide to conquering Reels: What are they and how do you use them?

Now that the dust has settled and Reels have become our new Instagram reality, we’re going to dive into exactly what they are and the best way to utilise them as a feature on your page.

Released as a competitor of TikTok (as the app was in the perilous throws of uncertainty due to a certain American politician), Reels are quite simply 15 second videos that live in their own section on your page (in the same tab format as IGTV).

So, what is about these short and snappy videos that’s got everyone talking?

Well, they’re the perfect example of quick, consumable content. Exactly the sort of content that captures your audience and holds their attention – we’ve all heard that modern-day attention spans are at an historical all-time low of less than 10 seconds, so it’s fair to say that Reels caters exactly into this span. 

Introducing Instagram Reels,

If you’re lucky enough to have a whizz content creator like our Nick, you can edit them externally and then upload, otherwise, much like TikTok, the feature itself comes with a whole range of nifty editing options including: audio – where you can pick a song from the Instagram music library – AR effects, a timer and countdown for easy selfie filming, seamless transition options and speed selections. 

When you publish your Reel you can choose whether or not you want it to live in a dedicated space under the tab on your page, or if you’d like to feature it on your main profile grid (if you decide it doesn’t quite match your aesthetic later on down the line, don’t worry, there’s the option to remove it from the main feed). 

Introducing Instagram Reels,

Apart from the ease of creation due to the casual nature of Reels, as well as the importance of staying on top of current trends, one of the main reasons we’re advocating for the use Reels is the increase in engagement and views we’re seeing across the board on these snappy 15-second videos! While it hasn’t been confirmed by Instagram themselves, the algorithm appears to be actually prioritising this format on feeds and the explore page, in order to encourage users to try it out. 

This means it’s the perfect time to jump on this feature and boost reach and awareness on your Instagram page.

Introducing Instagram Reels,

If it feels too daunting to try and come up with something interesting and witty to fit into only 15 seconds, here’s some hot tips:

  1. You know your audience, so make sure the content you’re putting out as Reels resonates with them! Be captivating and authentic.
  2. Use reels to show a more light-hearted and human side to yourself/your business. It’s a great way to build a personal relationship with your audience and strengthen a sense of community.
  3. If being funny feels like too much pressure to start off with, try being educational. Reels are the perfect format for short and snappy tutorials.

So there you have it: your rundown on Instagram Reels! While this feature is still brand new, it’s set to be the perfect place for individuals and businesses to be creative and push out their messaging and products to a wide range of people. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Us Palmies love a good social media chat.