May 25th, 2021

Head Above Water

It's not every day that you get Australia's most talented athletes in front of the camera: we shot Ian Thorpe, Bronte Campbell, Kyle Chalmers and Cody Simpson to promote Amazon Prime Video's newest show.

It doesn’t happen every day that you get to interview some of Australia’s greatest athletes, let alone some of the world’s greatest athletes. But in May, Two Palms production team had the chance to do exactly that. We were given the opportunity to chat and shoot with Australia’s most decorated Olympian, Ian Thorpe, Olympic Gold Medallists Bronte Campbell and Kyle Chalmers, and music-star-turned swimmer, Cody Simpson.

Now, you might ask why. Amazon Prime Video added the new swimming show Head Above Water to its offering, and with swimming being a new Amazon sport and potential audience pool for the Prime Video platform, the objective was to create educational and entertaining content on socials for the Prime Video channel.

The team packed up their cameras and creative ideas and took off to the Gold Coast for full day in-person shoot – noteworthy, as it felt like a lifetime since we’d last done that. We captured a number of short and snappy assets, optimised for social media with the purpose of showcasing each athlete’s personality on screen. 

But you can’t have iconic sporting legends like Thorpey and Cody Simpson in front of your camera and only shoot entertainment content (although the girls love the ‘tell me you’re a swimmer without telling me you’re a swimmer’ content with Cody!). So, to maximise on the time we had with each talent, we created a long form interview between these two athletes, asking them about their early days in the water, the moment they knew they were made for ‘great things’, and anecdotes about their lives that the public didn’t know

The 2 week campaign saw coverage across brand owned channels, as well as talent channels who loved our assets. Overall a combined +35 pieces of creative were published, totalling 17.5M+ impressions, 1.14M+ video views and over 50.5K+ engagements.

A massive shoutout to the production team on site: our Art Director Maxi Werkle who asked the right questions to get the perfect content, our content creators Sam Evans, Nick Kavo, Tom Radcliff and Harry Scott who shot outstanding assets that our athletes and followers loved, our social media manager and talent schmoozer Harry Sweeney, and our project manager Sinaed Eisenhut who managed to keep a cool head in the midst of all the production chaos.