August 19th, 2021

Facebook’s Ad Creative Forecast

Facebook released its new creative forecasting report, analysing over 100 ad campaigns in 2020, sharing the key societal shifts and takeaways that impact content performance and consumer perception.

Just yesterday, the social giant Facebook released a new report analysing more than 100 ad campaigns that the platform shared last year, reasoning the key societal shifts and takeaways that impact content performance and consumer perception.

Facebook explained: “While last year was unique, it marked a creative inflection point with lasting implications for us all. The changes to people’s relationships with, and expectations of brands are here to stay. By looking at the work that broke through on our platforms, we can pinpoint some of the key behaviors that changed and that will continue to shape creative for years to come.”

While we highly recommend you read the entire report (because the majority of us are in lockdown and we know you have nothing better to do), we’ve gone ahead and summarised the key takeaways to make things easy for you…

1. Build Inclusivity

With societal shifts happening all over the world in 2020, speaking up for a cause, using inclusive visual and verbal communication, being authentic to your values and ‘seeing’ individuals for who they are has been a key element in the success of a campaign.

Brands that managed to dive deeper into societal happenings and opened their channels, eyes and ears to what was going on around them, aka responding with acceptance and relevance, were the key winners of 2020.

Questions to ask yourself to excel at this: is there a group, topic or issue you are currently overlooking? How can you create authentic and truthful content to tackle this area and create lasting connection with real people and real problems? 

Facebook Ad Creative Forecast Image

2. Create Edutainment

At Two Palms, we’re extremely happy to see this one at the top of the list, as we’ve been preaching this for years now. Edutainment (a hybrid of education and entertainment) has been identified as a strong format for performance, meaning brands need to find creative, innovative and out of the box ways to educate and inform consumers. Think: less lecturing and boring, more lighthearted and fun. 

Questions to ask yourself to excel at this: how can we teach, educate and inform in a playful and innovative manner? How can we cut through the often heavy, negative and dark noise of the news and use creativity to change our approach on communication? 

Instagram Insights Edutainment

3. Sell With Ideas 

We’re writing this as the majority of Australia is currently in lockdown, and as we all know, social media has been a welcoming medium to keep us entertained and inspired from the comfort of our home. The brands that managed to monetise from this new consumer behaviour were those that made themselves discoverable with creative approaches, interactive content and relevant messaging. 

Questions to ask yourself to excel at this:  How can you differentiate yourself from your competition online? Why is your brand, product or service currently the most useful thing for society and how can we communicate effectively to this pain-point? 

Sell with Ideas Facebook Ads

4. Speak Platform language

Two words: Channel Optimisation. Although this is usually what you pay us to do, we’ll give you some insights to the behind the scenes of content and social. And we aren’t just talking about formats (because using a 1×1 video in a story is so 2019…), we are talking about conversation topics. Audiences, conversation topics and language use differ largely between each social media platform, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube. To stand out, you need to to tailor your content to the channel you are trying to communicate with your audience better. 

While TikTokers love a little bit of satire, humour and snappy content, Facebook users prefer a more educative and long form approach, whereas Instagram is all about inclusivity and content interaction. You need to learn the language of your channel, before you speak it. 

Questions to ask yourself to excel at this: What is the key storytelling tool your channel uses? What are current channel trends and how can you tailor them to your content? What creators speak with your community and how can you authentically work with them to bridge the gap between your brand and your consumer? 

Sweat Platform Insights

5. Reward Self-Discovery 

While this report talks about everything pre NFTs, the digital world has pulled many into it’s web. Not only because physical and in-person interaction was replaced by digital encounters, online communities and virtual experiences, but also because the opportunities of all of the above are endless, with the reward for discovering a new person, a new product or a new brand felt more intimate than ever before. 

Questions to ask yourself to excel at this: How can you deepen connections with your consumer through online experiences? How can you digitise your narrative? How can you translate ideas that you receive through a virtual two way conversation and optimise them in real time? 

Reward Self Discovery Images

Bottom line, everything you’ve just read is our bread and butter. We know that while some of this sounds obvious and actionable, other topics are a bit too big to grasp and translate for your own brand. But that’s what we’re here for! So if you feel like your business or brand needs help with any of the above, feel free to reach out, we have a team full of creative masterminds and digital experts waiting to hear from you.