August 27th, 2021

Bye Bye Swipe Up

Instagram is saying goodbye to its swipe up link to innovate platform interaction, Messenger celebrates its 10 year anniversary and TikTok is doubling down on cybersecurity.

Instagram removes the ‘swipe up’ option and replaces it with a button:

The ‘swipe up’ is no longer, with social media giant Instagram announcing they will be removing the swipe up option for stories and instead replacing it with a new link sticker. 

Instagram says these stickers will be added to the app on August 30th and will bring new creative control when it comes to stories, as users will be able to format the look of stickers to match a particular look and feel.

Instagram has also announced that for now, only users who already have access to the swipe up option will receive the new stickers, however they plan to roll them out to broader audience in the future.

Facebook adds new tools to celebrate the 10th birthday of Messenger

Messenger turns 10! And to celebrate this milestone, Facebook has announced a range of new tools and options within the app. These changes spark a celebratory mood, and bring with them a more engaging and fun user experience.

The first change on their list is the upgrade to poll games, a new and exciting feature that allows you to use the ‘Poll’ feature already in the app to discover new things about your friends. Facebook explains “You can now play“Most likely to” in pollsto help you discover what your friends really think about topics like who is“most likely to give gifts on their own birthday?”,“most likely to fight zombies while everyone else runs away?” and“most likely to miss their flight?️”

They have also made it easy to share Facebook contacts through Messenger by introducing a new shortcut within the app. As explained by Facebook “Simply select the contact you want to share, access the chat settings and tap“Share Contact” under the“More Actions” section.”

Additionally – and in our opinion, probably their most exciting update to the app! – is the addition of their new ‘Word Effects Option’ where users are able to align certain emoji’s to be paired with a particular word or term. This will then create a visual explosion where the chosen emoji will activate an on screen explosion whenever that word is used within the chat.

TikTok partners with the National Cybersecurity Alliance

TikTok has taken a step towards developing a deeper understanding of cybersecurity by partnering with the National Cybersecurity Alliance. In doing so, TikTok is aiming to help inspire the next generation of Cybersecurity experts which will hopefully provide more pathways into career development.

TikTok explains that the new initiative for the app has come in response to the rising interest in career-aligned TikTok content, with the hashtag #careeradvice generating more than 80 million views per day in the app.