April 22nd, 2021

A So Delicious Relaunch

A new look and feel for a much-loved plant-based brand.

In March 2021, So Delicious announced an overhaul of their dairy-free yoghurt range, re-vamping the flavours and packaging to create a more diverse flavour profile and a more colourful aesthetic for the brand – while keeping with the theme of decadence and indulgence. As the primary content creators for the brand here in Australia, the Two Palms social team set about creating drool-worthy creative social assets for the brand’s new products and packaging, focusing on sharp, high colour images on varying black or white backgrounds.

The team also came up with a range of different food hack ‘recipes,’ showcasing how the deliciously creamy yoghurts could be used in more ways than one!  The content creation took place in our very own @studiopalms and has seen great success as part of the brand’s paid media campaign. Through paid media, the re-launch content has reached 1.4M people, driving over 227K+ post engagements. 

We personally love the mouthwatering content our Social Media and Account Manager Lucy Coulthart has pulled together, pushed for the Australian dairy free community to see on socials through our Digital Strategist Desirée Battré