January 28th, 2022

3 social media updates you need to get amongst ASAP!

In case you missed it, our favourite social media platforms have yet again rumoured, tested and launched juicy new features that flaunt innovation. 

In case you missed it, our favourite social media platforms have yet again rumoured, tested and launched juicy new features that flaunt innovation. We’ve only just reached the end of January and social media this year has already hit the ground running, releasing new platform features that can only be described as marketing enhancers and we ALL want a piece. 

Let’s take a look through the latest and greatest (and rumoured) Instagram, TikTok and Facebook features that have already upped our social media game for 2022. 

1. TikTok Tactics(try and say this 10 times in a row) 

TikTok has recently launched ‘TikTok Tactics’, an online course that will help improve marketers approach to the popular platform. While in 2021 we all believed we had finally become professional TikTokers and TikTokees, this new video-aligned platform is a training course for all marketers. The simple yet effective course is designed to provide tips and insights on how to make the best use of the platform for brand promotion and development. 

It’s now time to take a step back, learn and let the student become the master (and we don’t mean at creating trending dance vids). 

The new course is an ‘easy to follow, best-practice guide to advertising on TikTok’, which provides a range of lessons on attribution, targeting, creative best practices and more. As a singular guide, the insights are fairly basic, but at each step, you are invited to dig deeper to develop your understanding, while TikTok has also included a 19-page guidebook to help with your planning and implementation.

This is the next key to TikTok marketing and opens up a new door to harnessing a successful social strategy in 2022. 

2. But wait there’s more – Facebook adds NEW features to Creator Studio

Facebook has kicked off 2022 by adding some new handy elements to Creator Studio, including a Stories preview option for video uploads, and a new way to preview how your posted content looks in-stream. Please Sir, we want some more! 

The main addition is Stories highlight clips for video uploads, which takes a 20-second preview segment from your full video to post as a Facebook and/or Instagram Story.  As explained in this prompt, shared by Matt Navarra, the new option enables you to ‘share a video highlight clip to your story’, in order to drive views of your full video clip. 

This is the video hook marketers never knew they needed and will most certainly bring in more reach! 

Another new addition for Creator Studio is a timeline view for your published Page posts in the app, providing more transparency as to how your posts look in user feeds. 

Creator Studio remains an important tool for many social media managers, particularly those posting videos, and it’s good to see Meta continuing to add new options and enhancements to improve the user experience and provide more ways to manage your Page posts. Big YES from us!

3. Rumour has it – Instagram’s testing a new customisable grid game-changing feature

Saving the best for last, Instagram is working on releasing (what we think) is going to be one of its best features yet, a customisable grid changing feature. This feature would enable users to re-arrange their profile photo grid, formatting their previously posted images into any order of their choice. Yes, that’s right, ANY order. #Mindblown

Up until now, everyone’s grid has had to be ordered chronologically with the newest pictures at the top and older ones towards the bottom. This could be about to change, though. Earlier last week app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted screenshots that appear to show Instagram testing a new feature that would allow us to rearrange our grid however we see fit, and as often as we like. 

Picture this, you’ve just had a recent break-up and instead of having to archive or delete photos of you and your ex, where YOU obviously look flawless, you can just rearrange the grid and bump down those photos. I mean, #goals

Instagram has yet to confirm or deny it’s working on an “edit grid” feature, but this not-so rumour has everyone waiting with bated breath. Stay tuned!

All we can say is yay for new social media feature updates, we’re always here for it and make sure to keep your fingers crossed for the rumoured game-changers. *stares at Instagram screen until customisable grid feature is launched*

Till next week,

The Two Palms Team