May 8th, 2020

3 Must Have Apps For Social Media Marketing

These are the must-have apps to help you perfect your content.

As confident as we are in our ability to conceptualise and produce high quality content, us social media marketers know that it’s never a bad thing to use an app or two to help us perfect the finished product!

Sometimes it’s to save time or simplify a process, and other times it’s to inject a bit of creativity or enhance a particular aesthetic.

Here are the top 3 Two Palms must-haves:

1. In-Shot

This bad boy is great if you want to up your TikTok game! It’s a free app with some in-app purchasing options, but the free version really does the trick.

We love this one for editing on the go, it makes video editing on your phone just that much easier – you can cut together footage, split videos, merge clips and adjust speed! It also comes with a whole range of filters/effects, as well as heaps of music that’s free to use.


This app needs no introduction. It burst onto the scene in 2011, and Instagram hasn’t been the same since! It’s the sophisticated and artsy photo/video editor that will take your feed to another level.

The free version of VSCO is amazing as a stand-alone, with plenty of free filters and handy photo editing options. But the paid version, for $19.99 per year is amazing value and comes with every filter you would ever need. It also allows you to edit and filter videos.
Lucy (our Social Media Manager) is very partial to the A6 filter, “adjust it to 6-7%, up the saturation and contrast ever so slightly, then sit back and marvel at the transformation! 😉”


The grid aesthetic of an Instagram feed is incredibly important. It’s the first thing that people/potential customers see when they land on your page, so it’s crucial it looks good and makes a particular creative statement – whether that’s organising photos by colour, by row, by product etc.

While this can be a headache to lay out, UNUM makes it so easy. Once you’ve connected an Instagram account to the app, it allows you to upload photos into a grid so you can determine which layout is the most aesthetically appealing.

The best part of this app is the handy ‘swap’ feature. Once you’ve got all your photos uploaded, it makes moving them around so simple

With these apps, there should be nothing standing in your way to upgrade your photos and videos and turn them into engaging and interactive content. Time to get creative!