We all know that social media trends move faster than anyone can possibly keep up with. The cinnamon challenge, planking (what even was that?), the ice bucket challenge, the Drake ‘Kiki’ dance…need we go on?

As fast as all this change is, we’ve given it a bit of thought and we think that we have the 2020 content trends down pat.


1. Tik Tok Challenges

This platform is still relatively new, but it’s growing at a rapid rate. Easily one of its most well-known characteristics is it’s excess of dance/food/art challenges, almost every scroll unveils a different one (us Palmies may have even given one or two of them a try!). Creating one of these TikTok challenges is currently one of the best ways to engage an audience and encourage a response.

2. Augmented Reality (Face Filters)

You’ve seen it. The butterflies, the love hearts, the comically large eyes and lips, these filters are all over everyone’s Instagram stories at the moment. As naff and materialistic as some of them might be, they’re actually a great way to promote a brand or an event – we even made one for an event we did for the Amazon Prime Video, ‘Hunter’s’ premiere!

3. Showing off Brand Personality

Put simply, this is just being transparent with your audience and showcasing a bit of humour. Consumers really respond to brands that have a voice. The days of being serious are over…let them see who you are and show them that you understand. We’re all human after all!

The NSW Police creating Corona Virus content with a twist

And now, here’s what’s not hot:

1. Inauthenticity

It’s 2020 guys, we’re all about body positivity now. Gone are the days where influencers and celebrities can preach about loving yourself and then try sell high smile, vitamin hair gummies or diet shakes without copping some flack. On this same note, it’s important to practice as you preach. Nobody wants to see blatant contradiction on their feeds – don’t write an essay about the importance of social distancing (COVID-19), but then post a story of you out and about with your mates.   

Kim Kardashian promoting Flat Tummy Lollipops

2. Overediting

We love a good filter as much as the next person, but one of the great things about social media is that you have the chance to speak to a huge audience and wow them with your creativity – don’t cover up content with too much editing! Focus on taking photos with different compositions and perspectives or try to think of how you can cut your videos in a more engaging way.

3. Bandwagon Brands

It’s a well-known advertising strategy for brands to try and ‘jump on’ to the latest social/cultural talking points and add their two cents – it’s actually called ‘Bandwagon Advertising,’ and it appeals to that innate want within all of us to belong and be a part of something. But there’s times when it’s appropriate and it makes sense, and there’s times where it’s just not right or not done properly. If you’re going to have the content for your brand engage in this type of advertising, then make sure that what your promoting is actually upheld by your brand ethos. Like we said above, inauthenticity isn’t becoming.

COVID-19 Bandwagon Summary

We think this ‘The Feed’ SBS video about Mardi Gras pretty much sums up the concept: