Meet the Team

Behind every good creative media and content agency is a world-class team, and we’re pretty proud of ours! Let’s meet the official Two Palms family.

Ed Ringwood

Ed Ringwood – Founder & Director

Ring a ding ding, you’re on with the king! Two Palms Media was founded in 2019 by Ed Ringwood aka. Mr Two Palms Media, after over 7 years spent perfecting his knowledge of all things social, digital and content. He’s a Brit, but we don’t hold that against him. When he’s not sipping on Yorkshire tea, he’s either on his way to a sweat sesh at 98 Riley Street, or around the corner getting his daily Mrs. Palmers sandwich.

Sinaed Eisenhut – Director of Talent & Brand Partnerships

Queen Bee, Boss woman, glue that holds us all together, Sinaed has many names. She spent years working in the corporate industry, and now uses her powers of organisation and negotiation to head up the project, partnerships and talent arm of Two Palms. Her passport may say Australian citizen, but after living and Volunteering in Brazil, her heart’s in Rio!

Victoria Brazier – Producer

Even though she’s on Malaysian time, you can always count on Vic to be there when you need her! When she’s not out exploring the jungle – lathered in plenty of SPF (talk about glowing skin!) -you’ll find her heading up the production team at Two Palms. She’s oh-so efficient and is the master of Monday – if you need the perfect board built out, she’s your girl.

Braiden Moffat – Social Media Director

Craft beer expert, whiskey lover, and coffee enthusiast, it’s fair to say Braiden is a beverage aficionado. And with over 8 years experience in social and PR working across 15 beer brands (as well as some big name brands like Microsoft, KitKat and Ford), it’s fair to say his knowledge checks out! When he’s not delivering gold standard social and digital strategies for our clients, you’ll find him fine tuning his fantasy football line up, or out in nature working on his photography skills. 

Will Hodgett – Creative Director

Wayfaring traveller, ocean fanatic and major sports fan, Will is the perfect balance between chilled out and loving a good time! He left Australia in 2014 for a two month road trip and never returned. As former Creative Director at GoPro, Will went on to clock up up 7+ years as one of GoPro’s main filmmakers and creative masterminds. As a kid he wanted to be Indiana Jones and to be honest, if you take a look at his life now, we think he got pretty close!

Courtney Rule – PR Director

Public relations power woman and mama to a gorgeous bub, our PR Director Court shows us everyday that you really can have it all! With over 13 years of extensive experience under her belt, and enough big-name brands to fill more than a couple of pages on LinkedIn, Court is our strategy master and is much loved for her get-shit-done attitude. 

Cameron Montgomery – Creative Director

Cameron is our creative director who has more than 15 years experience in the field. Before he joined us under the palms, he was stacking his resume with top agency names like M&C Saatchi London and Clemenger BBDO, and launching the apps for leading fintech brands Moneybox and Yolt in the UK, as well as taking home the inaugural B&T Diversity Award for his work with Cricket Australia. His innovative nature extends outside work, and can be seen in sparkle of his fiancee’s custom designed ring (get him to show you a photo, it’s a goodie).

Sophie Walton

Sophie Walton – Associate Director

With over 10 years of experience in the PR world, Sophie’s known for her get-shit-done attitude. She’s worked all around Sydney at the top agencies and despite living in Coogee, she’d like everyone to know that in true PR form, she’s a Bondi resident at heart (when she made the move, her friends had a farewell party…don’t judge her). 


Nick Kavo – Content Producer

Known for his notoriously ‘chilled as a cucumber’ attitude, Nick is a desk-dwelling Canon nerd and editor Monday-Friday, travel influencer the rest of the time. When he’s not riding in helicopters in the Northern Territory or jumping off waterfalls in New Zealand, he’s working hard to put together epic edits for the likes of Tourism Australia/Tasmania and GoPro, just to name a few. 

Lucy Coulthart

Lucy Coulthart – Social Media Account Manager

Anything social you need, Lucy’s got your covered. Whether it’s TikTok’s latest taco trend, Netflix’s newest steamy show (yes, she got the entire office onto Bridgerton) or tracking down someone who doesn’t want to be found on Instagram, she knows all the ins and outs of social media. Aside from food-porn ice cream shoots, Lucy is the female powerhouse behind the GoPro account, winning over followers one shakka at a time. While she likes her co-workers, nothing beats her love for dogs – large or small, she has a special place in her heart for all fluffy friends. 

Maxi Werkle

Maxi Werkle – Art Director

Our resident German, Maxi is your girl for all things creative – from concept development and design ideation, to start-to-finish production and execution. There’s nothing she can’t do (seriously, she’s also a trained pilates instructor!). And we can guarantee that you’ve never met someone more efficient…if she tells you something will take 3 minutes and 47 seconds, you better believe her. Her work motto is, Zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe(2 flies with 1 clap).

Harry Sweeney

Harry Sweeney –  Talent & Brand Partnerships Manager

With fiery red hair and a fair complexion, our very own Prince Harry has 5 years of experience in high level talent and social media management. When he’s not mingling with famous US Basketball players, he’s working hard to pump out creative assets for Amazon Prime Video across the AFL and Cricket Australia. And in true North Shore royalty fashion, he rocks the hell out of cream coloured pants. 


Ellen Hermelin – Account Executive & Studio Manager

You want it, she’s got it. You need it, she’s done it. Ellen is our resident Swedish angel, master organiser and project extraordinaire. No task is too big or small – from curating the build of a brand new office, to organising an Amazon Prime Video event or coordinating the perfect seeding boxes. She also wins the best dressed award for her Scandi-sauve fashion sense…always.

Harry Scott

Harry Scott – Content Producer

Better known as ‘Scotty’ in the Two Palms office, Harry is our laissez faire editor with a signature 70’s mo to match. He brings a buzzing sense of creativity and independence to all his edits – you’ll often spot him grabbing 90’s style BTS content with his VHS recorder. As the Marie Kondo of folder organisation, his workflow runs smoother than cream cheese spread on a bagel.  

Claudia Bursill  – Social Media Manager

When she’s not not chowing down on Totti’s bread and burrata, conducting field work as the International Woman of Mystery, aka. Miss Double Bay, Clauds is our social media ideator and the brains behind the voice of the Luxe Listings, Prime Video Sport, Only Sports and Studio Palms socials. Her wit, humour and well-chosen memes light up the Two Palms Media slack daily! 


Karri Graf – PR Account Manager

Karri has 5 years of experience living and breathing all things PR. Filipino born, she’s now a true blue Aussie tradie wife with a love of sports cars and a vegetarian dog (he has tummy issues ok?). When she’s not keeping all communications in check she can be found sinking a beer at the bowlo on a Friday arvo.

Sam Evans

Sam Evans – Creative Director

You may know his name, but do you know his story? You’ll always find Sam, the man behind the camera, with a smile on his face – no rainy days on his parade. He’s travelled wide and far around the world to capture every view through his lens. A busy man, Sam jumps from sunglass launches to festival stages and jet ski stunts, but he’s managed to turn Thursdays into his day Under The Palms.   

Sara Servan – Sr. Motion Graphic Designer

Illustration & animation mastermind by day, and potter & vegan chef by night, Sara is our senior motion designer here at Two Palms, best known for her impossibly cute Amazon Alexa ANZ illustrations and her delightfully peaceful attitude – there’s no tearing yourself down when Sara’s around, positive good vibes only! When she’s not surfing the waves on the Northern Beaches or whipping up soy ‘ricotta’ ravioli, you’ll find her sketching designs on her drawing pad.

Hayden BuchananContent Producer

Hayden is a creative swiss army knife – from photo and video to animation and music production, he’s your guy! After growing up in Orange and moving to Sydney to pursue career in music, he’s now worked for global brands like Swarovski, Adidas, Sony & Dior along with small and medium businesses (lots of fashion shoots) – but he still has his passion for music! Also a former barista of 5 years, it’s safe to say he definitely hasn’t yet kicked the addiction to coffee.

Steph Recking Project Coordinator 

Our Project Coordinator Steph is a woman of many creative talents; a masterful artist (seriously, you have to check out her ultra-realistic portraits, we’re in awe) and a prodigious piano player, she’s not just skilled when it comes to managing our activations and events. She’s an early riser who never sleeps later than 6am (unless it’s been a big night the night before) – efficiency and productivity are paramount…why waste the morning when you could get shit done?

Bek Grujevski – Social Media Coordinator

Videography fanatic, social media enthusiast and almond latte fiend (a used-to-be Melbournite now in Sydney, you could say she’s a bit of a coffee pro), Bek is our lighthearted and quick-witted Social Media Coordinator. Don’t let her easy-going nature fool you, this Sydney Inner Westy has the eye of a hawk and knows how to work a room. Between throwing down social calendars and epic content, you’ll catch her by the beach or being a full-time dog mum looking after her new fur baby, Billie (who requires attention 24 hours a day).

Andrew Yeremeyev – Production Assistant

Andrew is our super cool Production Assistant (see him in his blue pants and you’ll see what we mean) and an award winning screenwriter + director in his own right. After graduating from AFTRS, he wrote and directed four short films, as well as working on big name TV productions like Luxe Listings, The Voice, Australian Ninja Warrior, The Living Room, Ultimate Tag, and Three Blue Ducks. When he’s not busy on productions, he’s fine tuning his next short film, House of Wolves, and developing his board game, Prehistorica. (See we told you, super cool).

Ruby Taylor – Production Admin Assistant

Meet Ruby, our fun-loving Production Admin Assistant. For someone in her early 20’s, Ruby has quite the resume, having worked on projects such as The Voice, The Amazing Race and Beauty and the Geek for over 3 years before joining us under the palms. She’s a creative soul who loves to paint and draw, and she’s also a brave solo traveller having taken to the shores of England by herself, and already planning her next solo endeavour to NZ. She loves a boogie, and her Long Island iced tea game is mega strong (try it if you dare!).

Tahlia Jones – Sr. Integrated Account Manager

Tahlia is our ‘gun’ Sr. Integrated Account Manager who joined us from Eleven with experience in talent and PR. She’s worked on some major campaigns like the Australian Open, Mardi Gras and World Wildlife fund where she was no stranger to celebrities, brushing shoulders with Matthew McConaughey and Cody Simpson (cue the swoon). When she’s not hitting up the best music festivals (RIP to her Coachella tickets from the last 3 years, she’ll get there one day), she’s out trying to fulfil her mission to walk the entire Sydney coastline – follow her on Strava!

Phil Prior – Sports Content Specialist

Phil is our Sports Content Specialist and Project Manager on our Two Palms brainchild, Only Sports. He’s got 12 years in the industry and has worked for the likes of Prime7, Fox Sports, NewsCorp and STAN, so it’s fair to say that if it’s sport your after, Phil is your man. When he’s not at Two Palms, he’s (surprise surprise) staying active and leading the Aussie Rules charge at his local footy club, or dreaming of the day he can enter to be on his favourite TV show, ‘Survivor,’ to show the world that having a hip replacement in your early 30’s (true story) shouldn’t hold you back.

Bonnie Moorhouse – Production Assistant

Bonnie our Production Assistant joined Two Palms off the back of a stint with, where she was producer and coordinator on the brand’s TikTok account – so when it comes to tasting new recipes, Bon is your girl. When she’s not working hard under the palms on Tourism Australia shoots, she’s out taking weekend camping trips in her 96’ Rav4. Now you might be thinking to yourself, hmmm, Bonnie looks familiar…well you’re not wrong, Bon is our in-house child celebrity, having acted on the show Kid Detectives(an after school Aussie favourite which also aired in Germany?). #Fame. 

Tom Radcliff

Tom Radcliff – Content Producer

His title may say Tom, but he’s known around Two Palms as T-Rads. His favourite accessory is his noise-cancelling wireless headphones – if you see him without them on, we’ll give you a dollar. He’s a GoPro fan boy who’s well versed in the ins and outs of social media content creation and spends his time putting together epic edits for all of our clients. Much loved for his quick wit and attention to detail, he never misses the mark – on and off screen!  

Max Homer  – Editor & Videographer

Max is our resident Editor, Videographer, and GoProFamily member who before he joined us under the palms, travelled all around the world capturing content. From multiple shoots with Contiki to a year in Vanuatu documenting stories from the locals…talk about #dreamjobs. When he’s not smashing edits with incredible speed, he’s out looking for his next GoPro adventure or sinking a few beers at the rugby – always with a pair of new kicks on his feet(a self-proclaimed sneakerhead, he’s got quite the collection.)

Albert Javierre

Albert Javierre – Creative Marketing Manager

‘Alberto’ is the Two Palms snack lord, known for his spicy Spanish “lets do business” attitude. You’ll  always find him munching on bags of carrots with hummus, pumping out creative social edits for the likes of Alpro, Amazon Prime Video Sport, GoPro and more! He’s always up for a skincare chat and is a source of envy for the girls in the office because of his well kept luscious mane.