March 24th, 2019

Client: Heineken

Generating content for the largest event space Heineken has ever created Down Under


Heineken® Village, the largest event space Heineken® has ever created in Australia will hosted special performances throughout the weekend. Two Palms was tasked with generating content for Heineken’s social channels to be shared live on the day and to recap this extraordinary event. 


We had one day on site to capture rehearsals, the atmosphere and the incredible live acts who kept the crowds entertained throughout the event. With three videographers on site we filled up multiple SD cards capturing key moments. We developed content to be shared instantaneously across Heineken’s social channels which raised awareness about the experience being put on. 


Digital Eyeballs – 360,000

Clicks – 25,000

Content – 20 Photos, 4 Instagram stories and 1 highlight reel 

Event Production: RSPM Events

Agency: Momentum Worldwide