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Amazon Prime Video

Star Trek: Picard

March 2022

For the release of Star Trek Picard, the eighth series of the Star Trek Universe, we launched a creator content campaign across social media. Tapping into core fans and lovers of the Star Trek franchise, we curated the ultimate Trekkie experience across TikTok and Instagram. Through niche and high-quality content, we aimed to authentically connect the creator’s audience with the show. Each creator made use of their field of expertise to exemplify their take on Star Trek Picard, whether it was a make-up tutorial, 2D art, cake making or animation. 
The content was incredibly unique, spoke to our core audience and was an authentic and organic integration into the creator’s channels. 


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Amazon Prime Video Star Trek Influencer Marketing Agency
Star Trek Amazon Prime Influencer Marketing Agency

Over the years we’ve proudly become Amazon Prime Video’s go-to agency for creative influencer marketing strategies, and our recent campaign for the Star Trek launch has been a huge success.

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