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Amazon Prime Video


September 2021

To celebrate the launch of Amazon Prime Video’s new Cinderella romantic musical comedy, we wanted to not only engage consumers on social media, but bring a Cinderella experience to young boys and girls and have them be a part of the uplifting and refreshingly bold take on a classic fairytale. 
With an unforgettable parent child movie night in mind, we created a one of kind, fairytale-ish experience: we sent 20 talent a Cinderella themed slumber teepee tents, princess dressed, flower crowns, pink cotton candy and sparkling sweets. But to top it all off, we also sent their mums a matching princess dress, Jimmy Choo glitter heels and a series of high class make up articles to ensure both parents and kids feel like a real life Cinderella. 
And we’re excited to say that this campaign might go down as one of our favourites we’ve ever worked on. The kids were overjoyed as parents captured their authentic unboxing experience when they learned they got to transform into a princess for a day, setting up their own little castle in the comfort of their homes. Parents were overjoyed to give their kids an experience worth remembering, thoroughly enjoyed spending quality family time with their kids, while teaching them a value-able lesson about female empowerment and following your dreams to become your own aspirational hero. 


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Having grown Two Palms to become the most sought-after Sydney influencer marketing agency, where proud to be working closely with Amazon Prime Video on a number of huge campaigns. Cinderella is just one of them.

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