Influencer Marketing

Amazon Prime Video

Wheel of Time

November 2021

Amazon Prime Video launched one of the years biggest titles in the midst of a pandemic. While other countries hosted public screenings and live events, inviting talent, media and consumers to physical activations, in Australia, we were confined to the comfort of our homes and our own screens
So instead of bringing talent the show, we decided to bring the show to our talent. To create an immersive, experiential and 3 dimensional experience, we handcrafted a lifesize Wheel Of Time Box that was transported straight to each talent’s doorstep. But we didn’t just stop there. In collaboration with the costume designer of the show, we replicated 30 bespoke show accessories for our talent…we’re talking plated gold, emerald stones and leather satchels, as well as custom tailored outfits of the Wheel Of Time lead cast, the Aes Sedai and Warders. 
On the day of the activation, the box was accompanied by two bartenders dressed to match the show’s theme, crafting homemade cocktails and bring the magical box to life. From sipping on a Dragon’s Breath Negroni, decked out in leather shoulder pads and velvet robes and decorated with the Aes Sedai’s rings and daggers, this activation most definitely made a splash across socials through engaging and out of the box (excuse the pun) content, as well as creating positive brand connotations for Amazon Prime Video amongst talent.


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Amazon Prime Video know that influencer marketing campaigns are one of the most important digital strategies for any title launch, which is why they turned to Two Palms Media to be their influencer agency of choice.

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