Tourism Australia

Come Live Our Philausophy


On 30 October 2019, Tourism Australia unveiled its new $38 million global campaign, Philausophy. Over three years, the campaign will invite the world Down Under to experience the unique Australian way of life.

Tourism Australia commissioned Two Palms Media to deliver 2,500 photos that showcase the unique Australian way of life. To achieve this we organised 11 photographers itineraries across 90 locations around the country in just 4 weeks. We liaised with local operators to ensure everything was ready for photographers. Applied and gained permits for photography and drone flying across national parks and local councils. Organise itineraries to the minute and booked accommodation and transport so all the photographers and talent could shoot without a hitch.

Our in-house editing team sorted through 88,000+ photos to deliver and edit the best photos that celebrated the shared beliefs that guide how Australians live and enjoy this beautiful country.

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