August 21st, 2020

Thredbo AGM

The Two Palms Team on tour - an AGM in the snow.

11 people, 3 cars, countless bottles of beer + wine, and one song to bind them all…

It’s been an eventful and productive 6 months here at Two Palms – from new hires, new clients, a new office, COVID working from home, and then the re-adjustment back to office life. We all felt like a weekend of fun was exactly what we all needed!

So last Thursday/Friday, all 11 of our Sydney-based team jumped in the car for a weekend of food, booze and snow down at Thredbo Resort. Ed, the boys, Teigan and Lauren left late Thursday afternoon so they could hit the slopes bright and early on Friday morning. The rest of the girls made the 6hr drive down on the Friday – and bonded over the new Cardi B song which then became the soundtrack of our weekend…HR are you there?

Friday night started with a delicious makeshift dinner (as Woolworths forgot to pack our pizza bases for our planned pizza night in our click & collect order) of stuffed capsicum, bruschetta and a cheese platter. A big thank-you to the girls for thinking on the go and creatively putting this together to feed 11 hungry mouths! We then ventured out to the swanky Denman Hotel for a few cocktails a second dinner. The evening was filled with plenty of laughter and a few too many money shots (Here’s looking at you Nick and Sophie!).

Waking up to the pouring rain on Saturday morning might have deterred some, but us Two Palmers are thick skinned. We started off the morning with avo, eggs and toast to fuel us up, before heading over to Friday Flat (for those of us with wobbly snow legs) before venturing up the mountain into the rain and sleet. While SOME of us (Maxi, Ellen, Nick, Harry, Ed, Teigan and Lauren) were very accomplished skiers and glided down the slopes with absolute ease, the rest of us took some time to find our rhythm! But once we got there, what a day it was! 

Despite the dire weather, spirits were still high when we met for lunch at the top of the mountain at the famous Eagles Nest Restaurant. We warmed our freezing hands and dug into some sizeable burgers, chicken schnitzels and alcoholic hot chocolates, before heading back outside into what can only be described as a blizzard, which actually turned out to be the perfect team photo opportunity.

Those of us who were brave and accomplished skiers headed back down the mountain (black diamond runs and all), while the rest of the team caught the lift down and endured taunts from those coming up on the other side (the exact word used was ‘losers,’ but luckily the Two Palmers were too full and happy to care).

We finished off the day with some delicious Thai, plenty of red wine and Pimms, and a game of Kangaroo’s Court. If you’d like to see the whole weekend in just a few minutes, have a look at this week’s Under The Palms!

All in all, it’s fair to say it was a pretty amazing weekend filled with some incredible people, hilarious moments and plenty of smiles. A big thank-you to our director Ed, we’ll all be counting down the days till the next trip!