March 30th, 2021

Studio Palms

The newest addition under the palms: our creative studio!

Last month, we launched the newest addition to the Two Palms Media family: Studio Palms. When we made the move upstairs to our new office from the first to the second floor (also dubbed the next level), we weren’t quite ready to say goodbye to our old four walls. So instead of giving up our lease, we decided to transform the space into a Studio.

Within a month, the old office received a major makeover: our old kitchen counter was ripped out, the walls were painted, our secret meeting room was transformed into a make-up room and our Swedish superstar Ellen went on a hunt for the biggest and best props Sydney had to offer. And if we don’t say so ourselves, the space looks epic.

With a total floor space of 88m2, the space is bathed in natural light, with crisp white walls and rustic wooden floors. In only a short few weeks, Studio Palms has quickly evolved into a creative hub that helps bring ideas to life. Whether it’s shooting a new fashion line or a range of vegan protein foods, hosting a book launch or simply testing out a few new cameras, we’ve seen it all within our first month alone.

When booking your appointment, you’ll get access to a number of backdrops and props – from light stands and sandbags, to steamers and clothing racks. And if you’re in need of lights or backdrop rolls, we offer add-on packages as well.

If you’re keen to test it out or you’re in need of a space to create, curate and capture your ideas, make sure to book in here and see what life is like Under The Palms!