July 2nd, 2021

Our Hidden Podcast Pleasures

Whether you’re a self-help seeker, an emotional sponge, on the search for inspiration or you’re feeling like delving into a murder mystery, we’ve got just the thing.

It’s that time of year again: while almost all of Australia is in some sort of lockdown, and we’re currently only allowed to leave the house for essential needs and exercise, we thought we’d spruce up things a bit.

Whether you want to make use of this time at home to work on self development, educate yourself about current happenings in the world, or simply want to be entertained on your next stroll outside, we have the right podcast for you. 

But before we share these with you, we wanted to spend a minute or two on the podcast industry and how it’s absolutely going off right now. Not have private podcasts that create an exclusive and intimate audio experience increased massively over the past 6 months, but there has also been a massive rise in user time spent on audio platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. And surprisingly – while music streaming has gone done by 8% over the past 5 years (Stylus), podcasting has increased. In the business of podcasting, it has become less important to create the highest turnover and more important to accurately tap into your audience’s values and needs, excel in your niche and find topics that matter to your community – because ultimately that’s what podcasting is all about: communities and belonging. 

Alright, now that that’s settled, let’s dive into our podcast recommendations, shall we? 

How I Built This – For the entrepreneurs amongst us. 

Ever wondered how some of the biggest and best entrepreneurs, creators and business founders made it to the top? Yeah, so did we. And then we found How I Built This. In the Two Palms Office, this one is a highly loved podcast as it is essentially business school case studies on some of your favourite brands, to listen to for free on your way to work. This podcast has an endless library of brands success stories; we are talking Lululemon, Hinge, Dropbox and Canva, JetBlue, Lush Cosmetics, ClassPass and Fitbit. To find out more about the journeys,  the setbacks, the struggles and downfalls, as well as the fate encounters, successful partnerships and winning strategies that ultimately made these brands into what they are today, we highly recommend this podcast!

Vice Extremes – For the all or nothing type of people. 

As the title says, this podcast, brought to you by Vice Media, is  about people who’ve lived through extraordinary situations, taking it to extremes. As there is no underlying red thread by which these stories are chosen, the episodes will take you on a wild rollercoaster of emotions. From 6 teenagers who spent 15 months shipwrecked on an island to the Hollywood Sign Makeover and two Marines that fell in love in the midst of the Iraq war crossfire, there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Darling, Shine! – Girls, this one’s for you!

Not only does this podcast delve into a topic that’s incredibly relevant and not spoken about enough – yes, we’re talking about miscarriage -, but as a whole, the podcast also touches on many subjects that us women deal with in our day to day lives. Darling Shine dives into the raw and unspoken experiences and emotions around womanhood, grief, friendship and everything in between. Chloe Fisher (famous DJ, surfer and social media legend Fisher’s wife) and Ellidy Pulling (widow of Snowboard Olympian Alex Chumpy Pullin) make for entertaining, honest and original banter that makes us feel understood. 

The Journal – News, explained for the “average human being”. 

We’ve all been there. We read a headline that doesn’t seem to click, hear of a certain news topic that seems complex or tentatively engage in a current socio-cultural topic that everyone seems to be talking about – when in reality we actually don’t fully know or understand what everyone is talking about. For exactly those moments, we recommend The Journal. Brought to you by the Wall Street Journal, The Journal picks up timely relevant topics and breaks them down. In (mostly) under 20 minutes, the podcast dissects an issue, outlines the background story, brings in a human element and uses easily understandable tools to communicate a topic for everyone to understand. 

Radiolab – Music lovers, listen up! 

Many of you might know this one- one of the worlds most beloved public radio show and podcast founded in 2002. Each episode attempts to investigate the strange world we live in and an exploration into human nature through the lens of morality, philosophy, scientific inquiry and politics. Averaging more than 1.8M listeners per episode, this podcast is at the top of our list for sparking curiosity, consistent quality and experiential audio entertainment. Definitely one you shouldn’t miss!

The School of Greatness – A bit of Self Development 

Hosted by the New York Times best selling author, entrepreneur and keynote speaker Lewis Howes, The School of Greatness is an interview series in which he shares the secrets, tips and tricks and inspiring stories of business masterminds, successful leaders and those that have managed to unlock their inner greatness. Big words, we know, but this podcast tackles all the topics that you need to live your best life: from detoxing your mind from social media, healing your gut through fasting and building your personal brand, Lewis Howes might turn into your mentor faster than you can think. 

Casefiles True Crime – For those that think facts are scarier than fiction. 

No matter how much people may try to deny it, there’s something fascinating about some of the world’s most grisly crimes…kidnapping, murder, assault, missing people etc. We’re all a little fascinated by the macabre kitchen knife Casefile True Crime never skips on the details, and the anonymous host’s strangely soothing monotone voice makes your listening experience feel more like a bed time story than real life event. 10/10 from us!

And now last but not least, how the hell do you get into this business. Do you want to start a podcast, have an idea and now need to understand what building stones are needed to get your idea off the ground? There’s two things you can do: either reach out to us (we produce one of Australia’s favourite podcasts in the Health, Fitness and Wellness sphere – The Health Code Daily) and we can help you create a strategy for your podcast and get the ball rolling, or if you want to test the waters first, then listen to this podcast on ‘Life Kit’.