March 29th, 2019

Talent: Sarah’s Day

Meet the bubbly YouTuber turned entrepreneur, Sezzy


Sarah’s Day, more commonly known within her community as Sezzy, is an Australian-based holistic, health and fitness YouTuber.

With a passion for functional fitness, promoting an active lifestyle and creating healthy recipes, Sarah is always documenting her life and sharing it with her devoted community.

Sarah’s Day has become more than just a YouTube channel. She has evolved into a wholesome brand that follows her mission statement ‘listen to your body’.

A new mother as of March 2019, Sarah’s motivation for health and fitness is greater than ever as she strives to be a positive example for young mothers and women around the world.

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MOTIVATION☀️ Some days I don’t want to work out. I want to sit on the couch, binge watch YouTube and eat the entire batch of gluten free cookies I made. Other days, I run the long way to the new house, complete a full sweaty shredder workout and then run home. Every day is different. Motivation is like a roller coaster, sometimes you’re riding highhhh...until you’re not. I actually listened to a great podcast on my morning walk yesterday that described motivation as the ocean. It ebs and it flows, it is absolutely unpredictable. This is not a post to FORCE you to be motivated or to tell you HOW to be motivated tomorrow. This is simple a post to tell’s ok if you’re not motivated right now. It’s ok if you’re having a flat week and not sticking to your fitness routine. We ALL go through these weird funks where it feels like you’re never going to get your groove back. But you know what will🙂 Be kind to yourself this week some home baked cookies🍪 #whenyourealiseyournewhouseislikebeautyfilterlightingyaaassss #iwillliveinthisroomnow

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