May 3rd, 2020

Influencer Isolation

How Corona is changing the influencer landscape.

Usually, influencers as we know them travel the world, share breathtaking landscapes, post one-of-a-kind experiences, dine in up-and-coming restaurants and generally live their best lives. 

However, isolation has forced them all to stay home, too. While everyone is experiencing the Corona effects first hand, they all share their experiences differently. 

Aspirational Living

Whilst most see quarantine and social isolation as a dreadful punishment, some influencers are sharing their experiences of COVID-19. This offers comforting and aspirational content, taking the mind away from the present for a second and painting a brighter image of the isolation life.

Underwater woman Brinkley Davies’ Isolation is a lot more nature-filled than most of ours. Living in WA, she can still go diving and pursue her passion for the sea, sharing YouTube videos and Instagram content of wildlife and the deep blue sea. 

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Feeling among the luckiest people in the world to be isolated amongst nature right now. The ocean was so blue, and with so many people not able to be in it right now I wanted to share this beauty we saw today. We dropped in and witnessed these Shearwaters diving on this little bait-ball, they are such amazing swimmers and so cool to see underwater. Bait-balls are already up there with my favourite things so to see the these Shearwaters diving and their cute little heads and feet under the water is amazing. Their eyesight must be razor sharp to see, so cool to watch. The water was gatorade blue today and it was good for all of our souls. . More grateful than ever to be isolated on our property at home, on the coast in this weird time with the most epic crew, my closest friends and fellow ocean lovers/ creators, and able to be on the ocean still, and with our pups. . . Filmed on my @gopro #Hero8 @goproANZ . #Nature #BaitBall #GoPro #Ocean #Freedive #Australia #HomeLikeAPro

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Parenting 101

Staying at home means spending more time with family, and 24/7 partnering is a full-time job. While some influencers show snippets of how to keep their little ones entertained, others share the crisis’ and hardships of stay-at-home parenting. 

With a just recently turned 1 year old, Sarah’s Day is showing her viewers how her son is slowly but steadily developing his personality. Being more affectionate and attached to his mom daily, Sarah gives her followers deeply personal insights to her life as a mom. 

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WHAT!!?? AS IF THIS IS AN ACCIDENTAL POCKET PIC I FOUND ON MY CAMERA ROLL📱👶🏼❤️ I’m sorry what!? Tell me this isn’t the cutest accidental pic ever😭 I was just scrolling through my camera roll deleting unnecessary photos (I literally never have storage space on my phone🤦🏼‍♀️) and came across this gem. I think this pic was accidentally snapped when I was sitting down eating my lunch and checking my emails. Look...I’m probably just an overly emotional mother, but this image actually made me have a little cry. I’m exhausted and Fox has SO much energy I can’t even begin to explain it. Some days I just want to lay down and take a break but it’s true...a mother never rests. But this shot right here. The way he looks at me. The unconditional love he gives me every day is something I’ve always dreamed of. I know I love you, but this pic reminds me that you love me just as much❤️🦊

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Celebrities, just like us, resort to making Tik Toks and learning new dance moves in their down time. The easy and lighthearted content is a welcoming break from constant distressed news channels. Showing themselves without makeup, dressed in sweats and at home makes for relatable and authentic content.  

Although Corona has cancelled her Olympic plans and limited her workout options, BMX champion Caroline Buchanan is staying humorous and entertained by staying home and filming TikToks.


With restaurants being shut, the comfort of home cooking is on the rise. Celebrities, no matter if professional chefs or amateur foodies take their followers onto a culinary excursion, filming meal preps, recipe hacks and mouthwatering home cooked meals. 

Plant-based nutritionist and foodie Ellie Bullen is sharing not only yummy recipes and live cooking shows with her followers, but also inspires them to organise their pantry and sharing whats on her cooking inspiration bookshelf.  

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with @tropeaka vanilla plant protein! You can get 15% off your first order with my code “ELLIE15” 😋 This weeks LIVE #cookingwithElsa is going to be this SUNDAY (19th April) at 10AM AEST we will be making these delicious fluffy vegan protein pancakes together 🥞🙌🏼👩🏼‍🍳 Here’s the ingredients so we can all cook together: 1 cup all purpose flour 1 tbsp baking powder 2 tbsp @tropeaka vanilla protein powder 1/2 tsp salt 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar 1 + 1/4 cup soy milk coconut oil 1/3 cup vegan chocolate chips 1 banana To serve: maple syrup + vegan butter The LIVE will be available for 24 hours so if you can’t make that time you have 24 hours to tune in and make pancakes with me, Alex and Oat, can’t wait!! 💘💘 #instalive #livecooking #vegan #pancakes #IGTV #stayhome #elsaswholesomelife #tropeaka

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Influencers whose business model evolved around physical activities and sports are now shifting their focus to working out with their followers. No matter if models, professional athletes or personal trainers, IGTV and streaming platforms are now used for home-workouts, getting sweaty indoors. 

In light of Australian beaches being closed and evidently also the surf being cancelled, professional surfer Imogen Caldwell is stying active from home. To not work out alone and give her viewers fitness entertainment, Imogen workouts on IGTV with her followers. 

Self Care Share

As everyone is affected by Corona and its implications, influencers are using their platform to share self care practices, how to stay motivated and offering new perspectives how to approach isolation and social distancing. 

GoPro ambassador and TV presenter Teigan Nash shares her thoughts on how to get motivated and mood-pick-me-ups in times of anxiety and stress. 

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So this is a really testing time for everyone, there are moments where I freak out and feel meh and then days were I’m super motivated, and you know what that’s all ok. But what can you do to help get you out of that funk. Here’s some tips from some of my SMSB crew members! @asicsaustralia Remember that we are all in this together and if all you did today was get out of bed today then GO YOU! One day at a time! 🙏🏼 Look after your mind and your body, both are equally as important! @kierondouglass @lozhoughton @kitty_katlee @mrjesseturner @enriques @jendugard #smsbaus #soundmindsoundbody . @goproanz @gopro #GoProANZ #HomePro Tips for getting through this time: Get out into nature if you can, even if it’s in your backyard on the grass or on a front lawn if you’re in an apartment Moving your body, exercise is great for the body but also for the mind Doing a clean out of your wardrobe and donating it! GREAT CLEANSE! Having some you time if you’re a parent. Hats off to all the mums and dads of the world! Get creative at home- Jesse shows us how it’s DONE! Get online and participate in a workout at home! Stay positive everyone! YOU GOT THIS!

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In conclusion, COVID-19 is opening up very personal engagement opportunities for influencers if they manage to create content that is not only authentic, but also relevant.