Amazon Prime Video

The Wilds

December 2020

In line with APV’s new series ‘The Wilds’, the Two Palms team created a supporting launch asset to showcase the daily struggles, emotions and conflicts that young women experience throughout their lives. With an all female production crew, we captured 4 young women shining light on their personal stories, how they overcame obstacles and insecurities, as well as their successes and strengths.

Encouraging young females to open up emotional ‘taboo’ conversation, ranging from mental health, body image, sexuality and ethnicity, the content is very raw, honest and relatable, in the most authentic way possible.






Assets Created


Talent Involved


Female Production

When ‘The Wilds’ was released, Amazon Prime Video needed a social content agency that understood the sensitive nature of the topic and could create a campaign that matched the message. That agency was Two Palms. Get in touch if you’re ready to work with a company that can do the same for you!