The Health Code Daily

October 2020 onwards

The Daily Wellness, a Spotify exclusive playlist consisting of short, daily podcast snippets about mindfulness, positivity and peace, launched on October 21st. Two Palm’s wellness platform The Health Code is part of this year long, one-of-a-kind and nation-wide initiative.

With The Health Code Daily, the duo behind The Health Code, Sarah Stevenson (Sarah’s Day) and Kurt Tilse take their listeners on a journey of wit, motivation and insights to their daily lives, touching on topics such as health, fitness and lifestyle. Every Day is themed by an overarching topic: Motivation Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Workout Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday and Feel Good Friday, which is only available for Spotify subscribers to be listened to at any time of the day. For the first two weeks, The Health Code Daily headed up Australia’s Trending Podcast charts, with 49% of the audience coming from Australia.


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