Christmas Campaign

December 2019

To Showcase Priceline’s Hair and Makeup Director Sarah Laidlaw’s expertise alongside Priceline products and create highly engaging content that speaks to the breadth and depth of range available at Priceline, also creating timely content that speaks to the Christmas and ‘Party’ season with looks that are “fun”yet achievable to even a beauty novice.


Minutes Captured


Assets Delivered


Two Palms Team

“Given the tight time frames given we were blown away by the content that was created during a one-day beauty tutorial shoot. The professionalism we experienced from Ed and the entire team was second to none. We made changes to content and content formats on the day and it’s a credit to the team that they were able to be so agile and accommodating. We also had our talent pull out the day before the shoot. Despite being across the country Ed managed to secure additional talent at no extra cost – in a matter of minutes.”

Jess Champion, Social Media Manager

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