Matt Moran

Kitchen Tales S2

April 2021

After the successful first season of Kitchen Tales by Matt Moran, award-winning restaurateur and chef, Two Palms Media got tasked to produce the second season, covering the whole process of conceptualising, directing, filming, editing, and publishing. With a star-studded cast, from The Inspired Unemployed and Jimmy Barnes, to Zoe Terakes and Vincent Fantauzzo, we produced 8 episodes of the YouTube cooking series, showcasing Matt’s skills in the kitchen and building storylines around the conversations between Matt and his guests. We created an attention-grabbing trailer, which  got picked up by the Today Show and engaging cut-downs to be shared on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Aside from the mouthwatering food we shot (and tasted – it’s even better than it looks) the content was a massive hit, for everyone involved. Reaching a mass online audience around Australia resulted in driving awareness for the show Kitchen Tales and growing the personal brand Matt Moran. Make sure to tune in!




YouTube Views


Production Days

Matt Moran’s Kitchen Tales needed something big to amplify the second season, and that’s why they turned to Two Palms Media for all their promotional content production. We can do the same for you, so get in touch with us today.