Account Executive

Life at Two Palms

Two Palms Media is the agency we wanted to work for but couldn’t find. We’re an agency that puts our team first, gives everyone a voice and prioritises a balanced lifestyle. 

We’re committed to fostering a great culture as that typically aims to bring out the best in everyone. We are a diverse bunch and we celebrate the personalities that make up our family of creative people that work at Two Palms. 

There are no passengers on this bus, our team works hard because they love what they do, and they strive to deliver exceptional work for our clients and each other. 

Our Expectations of our Account Executive

You are self-motivated and able to work efficiently and effectively as part of a multi-skilled team, while also being able to self-manage to ensure you achieve your daily and weekly tasks.

You are highly organised, resourceful and possess a strong desire to support your colleagues. You know what’s required to keep your projects on track.

You have a positive attitude and are results driven, solutions-focused and will play an instrumental role in the team to deliver campaigns from start to finish that exceed expectations.

The Bread & Butter of being ourAccount Executive

  • Must have 2+ years of marketing agency experience
  • knowledgeable of agency structure, functions and processes; effectively able to interact with other teams and utilise where appropriate
  • A developing a full knowledge of our offering, vision and values; as well as a solid understanding of clients’ business and industry
  • Be organised, able to multitask, prioritise and work across multiple projects
  • Demonstrate good communication skills via written and verbal communication
  • Responsible for all project implementation communication ranging from WIPs (client and Internal), to contact reports and timelines and conducting and submitting expense review.
  • Work with and build relationships with the best of the best talent across social, athletes and creators in Australia / New Zealand who exemplify our clients and their brand
  • Prepare talent agreements and briefing documents ensuring we are in line with the Australian Marketing Code and talent have a clear understanding of what’s expected of them to deliver best possible results
  • Negotiating with talent and talent managers to deliver the best possible price for the best possible outcome for the business and campaign
  • Coordinate and implement seeding campaigns and ensure they are on budget, on time and on target.
  • Take and interest and share competitor or creative campaigns you’ve seen executed well involving talent to broaden your perspective and the minds of the wider team on what’s possible
  • Create campaign reports in line with key client metrics and KPI’s using the tools we have available to measure campaign success as well as undergo competitor analysis
  • Ensure consistency of campaign, client tone and key messages are communicated across campaign channels.
  • Conduct research and draft presentations to contribute towards responses to brief and new business development opportunities.
  • Always ensure a high quality and responsive service to clients.

Our Values


You approach challenges with an open mind, curiosity and a desire to help. An ability to see the possibilities first, nurture and adapt new ideas no matter the source, is part of your make up.  You understand there is no such thing as mission impossible.

You understand the thinking behind taking calculated risks and that this is how you break new ground, drive initiative and push commercial acumen.

You understand that 11th hour curveballs are part and parcel of dealing with clients in our industry. You know how to remain calm and keep a level ahead to find a solution even when the going gets tough. 


It is an ache inside you to deliver more than what the client wants – to deliver something they have never even dreamt of all within the framework of timelines, budgets and demonstrable ROI. You will support and inspire others to deliver this passion by encouraging and guiding.


Everything you do is done with integrity, from building client relationships to working with your agency teams. You live with a high level of respect for others and expect the same of those around you.

You strive to do the ‘right thing not the easy thing’. You are honest, objective and don’t buy into politics.  You deliver on personal and team commitments and manage expectations when circumstances change.

Team Spirit

Collaboration is key, at Two Palms we believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We chip in, share the work and responsibility to succeed together. 

You believe in the team – although you recognise individual success you do so within the team environment, acknowledging all that were involved.  You work to positively impact those around you and cultivate relationships at every touchpoint across the business. 


You are interested and interesting. You’re curious and confident to share your ideas. You actively encourage the ideal that ideas can come from anywhere and encourage those around you to input into the process and communicate their points of view.  You guide their thinking to ensure they are adding value and continue to build their points of reference to allow them to add greater value.


Application: If you are interested in applying for this position, please email Ed on with the following:

  • A copy of your current CV
  • A cover letter.  In your cover letter, please include an explanation of why your experience is specifically relevant to this role at Two Palms. We want to see your personal style – what makes you tick and why you think your next opportunity is here with us. (Please note, applications not submitted with a cover letter will not be considered)

Salary: A$52,500/yr – A$65,000/yr, dependent on Skills and Experience