August 8th, 2019

The Truth About The Ocean And Plastic

The Health Code Episode #26

The Health Code is a fun, informative, unfiltered and real podcast run by health and fitness YouTuber, Sarah’s Day and professional photographer, content creator and personal trainer, Kurt Tilse. This dynamic duo are here to crack the code on all things health, fitness, lifestyle, relationships and building your dream career.

Episode Rundown

In this episode of The Health Code Sarah and Kurt interview ocean loving Tim Silverwood, the CEO of Take 3 For The Sea, an incredible nonprofit organisation and movement encouraging the world to take action and start cleaning up our planet! This is a topic close to the duo’s hearts, revealing some shocking and heartbreaking stats and facts regarding wildlife, oceans and the future of our world.

Get ready for this insightful poddy as The Health Code breaks down how WE, each and every one of us can DO simple actions to make a HUGE difference.

Show Notes

  • Introduction to Podcast Guest, Tim Silverwood. (5:09)
  • Take 3 For The Sea, how the initiative was founded and the purpose behind it. (12:27)
  • Environmental impact and changes of individuals that feed into the long run. (15:49)
  • Statistics and facts about plastic pollution in the oceans, and what it really does. (17:23)
  • The reality of the impact that plastic pollution on local beaches in Australia. (18:00)
  • Mircoplastic: what it is, what it does and how to fix it. (19:23)
  • Sponsor mention, Skillshare. (22:31)
  • Viral videos on social media about polluted beaches and streams. (25:55)
  • Favorite ways to open up the conversation about plastic in the oceans, and what people can do. (27:58)
  • Overlooked plastic splurges. (30:42)
  • The worst type of plastic that causes the biggest problems for our waters. (33:35)
  • Local council rules about recycling and plastic upcycling. (36:36)
  • The circular economy explained. (39:51)
  • Exciting upcoming milestones for Take 3 For The Sea. (41:06)
  • Shut up and answer my questions, b****. (43:25)

And check out Take 3 For The Sea to find out how you can make a difference and joint he initiative: