May 15th, 2020

The Health Code’s Tips To Becoming Successful

The Health Code Episode #38

The Health Code is a fun, informative, unfiltered and real podcast run by health and fitness YouTuber, Sarah’s Day and professional photographer, content creator and personal trainer, Kurt Tilse. This dynamic duo are here to crack the code on all things health, fitness, lifestyle, relationships and building your dream career.

Episode Rundown

In this episode of The Health Code the duo answered questions asked by their loyal followers surrounding the topics of success, business, money, careers and becoming your own boss. But before jumping into that, Sarah shines some light into her Quarantine home shopping addiction.

Tune in to hear their top 5 tips (each!) on how to become successful!

Show Notes

  • The Art of Coffee making (0:41)
  • Weekly Wrap (3:15)
  • Sarah’s homeware shopping addiction (15:30)
  • What is success for Kurt & Sarah? (22:06)
  • Tip 1: Authenticity (28:28)
  • Tip 2: Passion (31:10)
  • Tip 3: You are heavily influenced by the people closest to you (32:30)
  • Tip 4: Knowing who to listen to, and when (36:45)
  • Tip 5: You need to be in love with the process (39:15)
  • Tip 6: Don’t Burn Out! (40:41)
  • Tip 7: Find your inspiration (42:35)
  • Tip 8: Routine and To-Do lists (45:00)
  • Tip 9: Deadlines (46:35)
  • Tip 10: Get your eyes off the money (47:07)