May 25th, 2020

Power Couple Chats With Caroline Buchanan & John Prutti

The Health Code Episode #39

The Health Code is a fun, informative, unfiltered and real podcast run by health and fitness YouTuber, Sarah’s Day and professional photographer, content creator and personal trainer, Kurt Tilse. This dynamic duo are here to crack the code on all things health, fitness, lifestyle, relationships and building your dream career.

Episode Rundown

To talk about the topic of supportive relationships and becoming the ultimate power couples, The Health Code sat down with two individuals that are taking over extreme motor sports: 8 x World Champion and 2 x Olympian Caroline Buchanan, and her boyfriend and motocross madman John Prutti. The two gave their ins and outs on how they can achieve their goals together, being loyal and supportive without coming off as annoying, and daily practices that keep them motivated while training.

If you would like to get a glimpse of how their relationship looks off the track, tune in to this week’s episode!

Show Notes

  • Introduction to Caroline Buchanan & John Prutti. (0:21)
  • How the two met. (2:48)
  • Caroline’s chest accident. (4:00)
  • John’s master stunt goal. (5:08)
  • Growing up on the Bike. (9:04)
  • Reaching your goals and balancing life. (10:18)
  • When Kurt & John first met. (14:33)
  • How Caroline claimed her spot in a man’s sport. (17:46)
  • Slay The Day – 5 things to slay every day. (21:24)
  • Sponsor Mention, Skillshare. (25:39)
  • Flowstate: an athletes mentality that enables them to come back from an injury, and how Caroline re-emerged from her accident. (27:19)
  • Their fitness journey. (31:00)
  • Managing Fear. (32:33)
  • Kurt’s coffee addiction. (37:52)
  • Shut up and answer my questions, B****! (39:25)
  • Couple pet peeves. (47:43)
  • Relying on one another and growing together because of it. (52:00)