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Brand Activation Agency, Sydney

Two Palms Media has been at the cutting edge of PR and event activations since the day we opened, and we’re proud to have grown to become the top brand activation agency in Australia. With an unwavering passion for helping brands launch world-class campaigns, our team works closely with clients to develop every step from strategy to execution.

It all started with the need for an event activation agency that could do things a little differently. Somebody with a bit more flair, culture and style than the rest, who could take any brand activation campaign brief and turn it into a series of memorable experiences that would get the entire industry talking.

We searched high and low, worked with countless agencies, yet still we were left yearning for a firm to do campaign activation and management the way we dreamed. Finally it dawned on us – if there wasn’t a brand activation agency in Sydney that could deliver the truly exceptional, it was time for us to start our own. So that’s what we did, and Two Palms was born.

We curated a team that understood what makes PR activations stand out, and put them to work developing a complete range of experiential marketing live events for our dream clients. A proposal would land in our inbox and our Two Palms family would work around the clock to create brand activations that would engage the right audience with meaningful connections. Project ideas came to life with on-point branding, phenomenal production quality and first-class event delivery that made our customers’ company success easy to measure.

Fast forward to today and we’ve been the brains behind some of Australia’s most celebrated market activations and press releases, generating tremendous exposure across social, print, online publishing and TV for our clients. No campaign is too large or small for our crew, and one thing we pride ourselves on is producing results and brand experiences that goes well beyond the brief.

And let’s just say we’re pretty damn proud of the services and sponsorship activations we have delivered.

Ready to See Your Brand Activation Campaign Come to Life?

We’re constantly researching and executing new event ideas Australia wide that not only bring in new customers for our clients, they win awards and produce huge amounts of media buzz.

If you’re looking for a Sydney brand activation agency that knows how to organise an event or activate a product launch that attracts millions of ears and eyeballs, get in touch with us today.